Political Parties’ Perception into the Voters and the Appropriateness of Election Campaigns with the General Image of Political Parties: A Semiotic Analysis


Advertisements have promotional and persuasive roles on social platforms, in addition to their basic role in the presentation of products and services. The ideological aspect of political advertisements bri ngs about their use as the most effective propaganda instrument during the election campaigns. In this sense, political advertisements are, in a way, endorsed as the activities that strengthen the bonds between a political party, along with its candidate, and the public community. Among these advertisements, posters are known to have a significantroleas a political instrumentof electioncampaigns.As a powerful conveyor of visual objects, a poster provides deeper insights into the political parties and their candidates through its promotional, persuasive, and explanatory functions. Through a semiotic method of analysis, this study aims to investigate the posters as a political means of communication and to find out the connotations conveyed by the posters . The study included the posters presented in Ankara by the political parties campaigning for the March-30-2014 Turkish Local Elections. These parties were the three parties (AKP, CHP, MHP) which were the top 3 party represented in Turkish Parliament

Keywords: policitical marketing, voter perception, political party campains, political posters, semiotic analysis

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