Art Based Strategy in Business through an Extraordinary Artist Case: ‘Castle Window Metaphor’ in the Context of Innovation and Legitimacy


The aim of the paper is to contribute to the comprehensive and holistic understanding of Art & Business researches in the delta of art-entrepreneurship-marketing. In the competition context, survival of business in the market is essential. The paper focuses on an extraordinary artist in order to understand the survival experience of the artist in ‘the dilemma between innovation and legitimacy’. The paper emphasize that Art has a potential to provide some insights to Business theory especially to Entrepreneurial Marketing (with the alternative nature parallel to Art). The aim of this paper is to contribute and enlarge the link between EM & Art and to courage art-based view in business. Practical inquiry directed to the case study research on an extraordinary artist as an EMarketer in order to meet with this aim and explain the “how?” question of the survival experience in ‘the dilemma between innovation and legitimacy’ in art industry. It is believed that, art oriented approach to Business and lessons from an extraordinary artist matches with “Arts as Sources of Value Creation for Business” concept and has potential to get insights from art to business theory and practice in terms of business issues such as: competition and survival, innovation and legitimacy.

Key words: Art in Business, Survival, Innovation, Entrepreneurial Marketing, Legitimacy, Metaphor

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